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Forex TV is a new informational project aimed at delivering high quality forex market analysis in a video stream right on your computer’s screen. Forex TV combined its state-of-the-art infrastructure, extensive resources and strong IT experience to create new approach in Forex market analysis. The network’s programming enables fast access to video browsing, wide choice of channels and programs, full market coverage and sophisticated video content with frequent updates. The unique objective of the video service is to make market information instantly accessible, interactive and valuable.

Signals Forex 13.09.2011

EUR/USD, forecast for September 13
Complete domination of bears in the 4-hour chart. Felt the figure of the 34th and so low we were not long ago. On top of that is visible on the oscillator bearish convergence, indicating the continuation of the pressure down. Bollinger, hangs in the unique configuration of the South, ADX again "woke up". Shown a series of insider-bars. If the shot is going to happen down today, then we can expect almost 200 points lower to 1.3436.

Signals Forex 13.09.2011

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